Snuggly's Burrow

Our Rabbits

We have a small hobby farm located in Williamsburg Ohio.  We have both large and small rabbits. The large rabbits are in our barn with our goats and sheep. The miniature rabbits are in the basement of our house.

New baby bunnies have arrived on February 23, 2015. They will be available for pickup April 20, 2015.  Check our for sale page.

We have new Holland Lop bunnies and baby goats for sale. The bunnies and the baby goats are in harmony with each other. 

Bunnies and Baby goats

The indoor cage is a two story with rugs. The blue frames are from Whitmor Wire Storage Cubes. We use assorted cable ties to keep the frames together.  The floor are quarter inch thick plywood with carpet on top.  At the bottom we have a 2x4 inch frame with wheels.  Also boards inside the cage to prevent bunny bombs flying out.

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